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Create your own light up Christmas Tree using conductive tape and LEDs. Best part is, you'll never need to water it.



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  1. Print off the template, trace it, and cut out your tree.
    • Print off the template, trace it, and cut out your tree.

    • If you plan on freehand cutting your body, be sure to read all the directions first. Pay special attention to how we create the battery holder.

  2. Apply the tape as shown.
    • Apply the tape as shown.

    • Don't let the two lines of tape touch.

    • When making the small offshoot bits of tape, press down firmly on the overlapping parts. This will help the connection.

    • On LEDs your long leg is Positive and short leg is Negative. For this project we want all Long Legs pointing left and all Short Legs pointing to the right.

    • Lay out your LEDs.

    • Add additional tape in order to connect the LEDs.

    • Do not connect the Positive and Negative tape lines.

    • Position your LED legs over each of the lines of tape.

    • Use a small piece of Conductive Tape to tape down each of the legs.

    • Do this to all LED legs.

    • Place a battery so that bottom (Negative) side is over the two Negative lines of tape. (Top side)

    • Fold down the bulb on the back so that the two Positive lines of tape make contact with the top of the battery.

    • All LEDs should turn on.

    • When in doubt, flip the battery over and try again. This solves 90% of all building errors.

    • If your LEDs are weak, or not all are lighting up, you can try using two batteries.

    • Layer the batteries on top of each other. Fold over the flap. Hold together with a binder clip.

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